Small Wire Rope Clamps Stainless Steel Wire Rope Fastener Clamp

  • Wire Rope Clamps | McMaster-Carr

    Wire Rope Clamp and Thimble Kitsa€” Not for Lifting Kits include clamps and thimbles to protect the inside of wire rope loops from fraying. Clamps must be oriented with the saddle on the long (live) end and U-bolt on the short (dead) end.

  • Stainless Steel Wire Clamps

    Stainless Steel Wire Clamps. Wire Rope Clips & Clamps are available in sizes ranging from 1/16″ to 1-1/4″ for all projects, large or small. They are made from Grade 316 or Grade 304 Stainless Steel for corrosion resistance and durability and are ideal for marine, industrial and architectural wire projects.

  • Stainless Steel Cable, Clips, Shackles, Eye Nuts, Chain

    304 Stainless Steel Cable Clips & Wire Rope Clamps . Stainless Steel Wire Rope Cable Clip Clamps are Used to Fasten Cable Ends. They Should be Used With a Thimble For Best Results. Made From 304 Stainless Steel, They are Excellent For Use Where Corrosion Resistance is Required. Wire Rope Clips are Sometimes Called U-Clip, U-Clamp, Wire Rope

  • Stainless Steel Cable Clamps | Heyco?

    For clamping cable or tubing securely into place, especially in harsh environments. Smooth "coined clamp" edges prevent damage to cable insulation. Constructed from corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel. Coated parts are constructed from 304 stainless steel and coated with polyolefin a thermoplastic co-polymer

  • Stainless Steel Clips | Lexco Cable

    Stainless steel wire rope clips, also called wire rope clamps, are the most corrosion-resistant option available, making them ideal for outdoor use, extended saltwater or chlorinated water exposure, and other harsh environments.

  • 1/8" 304 Stainless Steel Wire Rope Clip | Fastenal

    Fasteners Fleet and Automotive HVAC and Refrigeration 1/8" 304 Stainless Steel Wire Rope Clip. Fastenal Part No. (SKU) Precision cast stainless steel. Includes u-bolt and nuts. Use with stainless steel wire rope; Supply Chain Availability

  • wire rope clamp | eBay

    Wire Rope Grips Clamps U Bolts Fitting Cable Cord Tie Heavy Duty Steel Metal 3mm. Brand new. £2.29 1.5mm STAINLESS STEEL Wire Rope Clamp Grip DIY Loop Eye Allen Key FREE P+P. Wire Rope Clamp Steel U Clamps Cable Wiring - Rope Grip Thimbles (3mm - 16mm) Brand new. £2.45;

  • Installing Wire Rope Clips - YouTube

    We demonstrate the processes of assembling an eye on a wire rope, using a pulley as a thimble, creating a lap splice to connect two sections of wire rope, using and sizing vinyl coated cable, and

  • 1/4" Cable Clamps - Walmart

    1/4" Cable Clamps. Showing 40 of 2853 results that match your query. Product - M6 1/4 Inch 304 Stainless Steel Saddle Clamps Cable Wire Rope Clips 8PCS. Product Image. Price $ 9. 59. Product Title. M6 1/4 Inch 304 Stainless Steel Saddle Clamps Cable Wire Rope Clips 30pcs nylon r type 1/4" 6.4mm cable cord wire clamp clip fastener black

  • How to Install Wire Rope Clamps | Hunker

    Wire rope clamps are used to clamp down the loose end of a wire rope. They're also called u-bolt clamps or u-bolt clips, simply because of their "u" shape. Wire rope is made of metal "threads" that are woven together and used to secure something in place, like a load of heavy cargo. It's also used for rigging purposes.

  • Metal Wire Clips and Cable Clamps | Waytek Wire

    Metal Wire Clips and Cable Clamps Metal cable clamps & metal wire clips from Waytek are offered in a variety of styles and are used for a range of applications, but all are expected to maintain a secure and stable connection between your electrical components. Umpco S325G10 5/8" Plated Steel Cable Clamp; Category:

  • cable clamp

    IMAGINE 10pcs M3 0.125inch 3mm 304 Stainless Steel Wire Rope Cable Clip Clamp U Bolt Saddle Fastener(M3) Cable Cuff PRO (5 Pack: 5X Small 1 Inch Diameter) Adjustable, Reusable, Cable Tie Replacements for Extension Cords or Electronics Wire Rope Grips Clamps M10 U Bolts Fitting Cable Cord Tie Heavy Duty Steel Metal.

  • Stainless Steel Wire Rope Loop Clamps | SWR | GS Products

    These wire rope loop clamps are mare from marine grade stainless steel, A4 - AISI 316, the best available. Marine grade, they’re tough, durable and corrosion resistant. You can simply create your custom wire rope loop anywhere with these easy to use clamps using an allen key (NOT SUPPLIED).

  • Double Tube Clamps, Half Pipe Clamps, Grate Clips, Frame

    Bolt Products is your wholesale supplier for clamps and cable clips. We carry a wide selection of tube clamps, half pipe clips, center mount clips, galvanized steel clamps, stainless steel clamps, cushion clamps, J-clips and more. Clamps. Double Pipe Clamps - CMV-CM series and Half Pipe Clips - CHV-CH Double Tube Clamps - CDV-CD and other series

  • Wire Rope Clips - fastener-hardware.zoronmfg

    Wire rope clips & Wire Rope Clamps in Malleable Iron and Stainless Steel. 1 - 15 of 15 | Results Per Page | View | 1 Item # Item Name A - Cable Size Price Add To Cart 602 3/16: Wire Rope Clip, Stainless Steel: N/A 3/16 in: $2.18 Add To Cart 602 1/4: Wire Rope Clip, Stainless Steel N/A 1/4 in: $2.76 Add To Cart 602 5/16: Wire Rope Clip

  • What Types of Stainless Steel Wire Rope Clamps? - Blog

    Wire rope clamp. As the wire rope cross clamps even rings ones may have different characteristics. Wire rope clamp rings. The divided clamping rings surround the cable with a uniform distribution of the clamping forces. This involves a precise coupling and hard-wearing quality. No cable damage. Wire rope clamps

  • 5/8" Zinc Plated Malleable Wire Rope Clips | Fastenal

    Fasteners Fleet and Automotive HVAC and Refrigeration 5/8" 316 Stainless Steel Forged Wire Rope Grip Manufacturer. Fastenal Approved Vendor Wholesale: $54.68 / each Ships from Manuf. 5/8" Zinc Plated Malleable Wire Rope Clips.

  • Wire Rope - Steel Cable & Stainless Steel Wire Rope

    Our wire rope lay is right hand regular lay, with strands wrapped around the core to the right, and the wires making up the strand turned and rotated to the left. Wire Finish- Bright Wire, Galvanized Wire, Type 304 Stainless Steel: Most wire ropes have a bright, self-colored finish hence the name. Wire ropes generally have a coating of

  • Wire Rope Clips - Tanner Fasteners

    Wire Rope Clips at Tanner are used to fix the loose end of the wire rope loop back to the wire rope - Lifting & Rigging at Tanner. Stainless Steel Fasteners Washers Beam Clamps Channel Nuts

  • Jakob Rope Systems | Stainless Steel Wire Ropes, Mesh

    If you are looking for a contemporary interior design - incorporate our stainless steel fittings and stainless steel fasteners with our AISI 316 suspended shelving and signage displays. Another frequent use is creating railing balustrades and staircases with our wire rope and stainless steel hardware.

  • Galvanized and Stainless Steel Wire Rope | Wire Rope Clamp

    Wire rope is one of the strongest forms of “rope” derived from tightly twisted strands of metal. As a component, it is of tremendous value in machinery or structural design: Unlike linked chains, stainless steel wire rope maintains its integrity in the unlikely event of a “weak link,” where all other strands combined can share the load.

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