High Carbon Steel Wire Online Pickling Phosphating Pre Treatment Production Line

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    Suitable for high carbon wire rod preparation in line with a drawing machine: a simple and cost effective solution for small scale production of high carbon wires. These lines can be equipped with an acid pickling section or can be configured without.


    The present invention relates to the field of alloy, and in particular relates to a high-carbon steel wire rod and a preparation method thereof. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION. High-carbon steel wire rods can be used for producing products such as high-strength pre-stressed steel wire, steel strand, spring steel wire, steel rope and steel cord.

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    D:Phosphating: Phosphating is used to improve the corrosion resistance of products. Iron phosphate is the most commonly used pretreatment method. This is a good way to improve powder adhesion and double or triple the powder's own corrosion resistance. It is the most common chemical pretreatment in the pure steel manufacturing process.

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    The no-slag heavy metal free calcium-based electro phosphating is a true substitute product to the traditional zinc-based phosphating, and can be converting to the existing production line. It can replace the traditional phosphating process of the continuous production line or the salt medium after the mechanical or chemical derusting.

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    Chinese Cheap Pretreatment Production Line for Steel. Steel material pretreatment production line is a full automatic integrated line of -pre-heating, shot blasting, anti-rust, automatic paint spray, drying, anti-dust. The heating source of pre-heating and drying could be chosen from electricity heating.

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    Pickle Production Line. processes of copper pickling industry offers 588 pickle production line products. About 8% of these are fruit Zhucheng Youbang Industry And Trading SUN SHINING Pickle Chat Online

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    metal with heat or welding scale requires much more processing than non-oxidized cold rolled steel. High carbon steels require a different cleaning process than low carbon types, etc. The cleaning medium must be designed to be compatible with the metal being processed. A cleaning

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    Stainless steel wire samples AISI 416 and AISI 420 were pickled in different solutions, after pre-treatment in reduction molten salts (Ferropur). Two different pickling temperature (30°C, 40°C) were also investigated.

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    Phosphating prior to coating for steel is usually needed. In this paper, an innovative cleaner production has been developed for steel surface treatment using Zn–Mn phosphating solution in which

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    Piping and Vessels Flushing and Cleaning Procedure. Due to the high velocity of the air, a light erosion of the walls generally occurs during the air blowing, which is beneficial with regards to cleaning. b) Quick decompression A network is filled with compressed air up to the setting pressure of a rupture disk.

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    2. The requirements for drawing (1) the choice of wire drawing machine High-strength Carbon Steel Wire should be no twisting of the pull, so the pulley wire drawing machine is not suitable for the production of this finished Carbon Steel Wire. The use of such equipment will affect the fatigue properties of Carbon Steel Wire (torsion test).

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    STEELFOR?: Lubricant carriers for the surface treatment of carbon and stainless steel wire and rod. Borax free coatings. ADDITIVES LM?: Pickling and corrosion inhibitors and other special additives. Auxiliary items for steel wire drawing and for other cold forming operations. Applications: Batch and inline phosphate treatment.

  • Henkel Optimizes WB Polymeric Coatings to Reduce Treatment

    Henkel has sharpened the market fit of its Bonderite L-FM FL portfolio of polymeric coatings for the surface conversion of metals used in cold forming operations.The optimized Bonderite L-FM FL process reduces the number of treatment steps from as much as ten to one or two and is fast emerging as an attractive alternative in the production of high-performance automotive bolts and screws.

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    7. Every set of steel brush can use 3500-4000ton of wire materials. This machine is an advanced and environmental descaler machine for wire drawing production line. It is instead of previous peeling, brushing, acid washing, water washing, drying process and it is not contaminated for environment.

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    Automatic Coil cutting shear straightening production line and cut to steel coil cut length line Duration: 1:39. Carbon steel wire rod coils automatic batch pickling and phosphating line in Poland, supply by SIRIO Duration: 6:08. Play Download. Carbon steel wire rod coils automatic batch pickling and phosphating line in Mexico, supply

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    Find and request a quote for surface pretreatment from companies that specialise in the field of: 'surface pretreatment'


    6. Phosphating : This forms coating of zinc phosphate (4 to 6 microns) OR iron phosphate (1 to 1.5 microns) on the clean surface of M.S. 7. Water rinse 8. Passivation : This will seal the pores of phosphating. 9. Drying. . CLEANER-COATER SYSTEM-3 IN 1 CHEMICAL. Cleaner-coater system for mild steel is a much simplified treatment than 8 tank process.

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    Carbon steel wire rod coils automatic batch pickling and phosphating line in Mexico, supply by SIRIO Automatic Coil cutting shear straightening production line and cut to steel coil cut length line Duration: 1:39. Play Full Download Fast Download. Top 10 Best Steel Manufacturing Companies in The World Duration: 5:33. Play Full Download Fast

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    Our company established a close relationship with College of Material Science & Engineering, Shandong University. Directed by the exports and professors, our company developed 3 series, 50 kinds of metal abrasive products. Our main products are cast steel shot, cast steel grit, carbon steel cut wire shot and stainless steel cut wire shot.

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    Pallet Rack Installment: No bolt connection, easy to assemble, with necessary instructions available 5) Key procedure: Pickling phosphating automatic production line before powder coating procedure to ensure perfect surface and high antirust performance Ltd. was founded in 1994 and is the first batch of professional enterprise

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    Mill is running with ABB automation. Online gauge monitoring system installed for close monitoring of wire rod sizes along the length. Max rolling speed is 90 m/s. Max. Coil weight – 1600 Kg. Coil ID/OD ~ 900/1200 mm. Grades manufactured are Carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, free cutting steel, stainless steel etc.

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