Super Duplex Steel Pipe For Sour Environment

  • Super Duplex stainless steel A182 F55 Flange,super Duplex

    Super Duplex UNS S32760 F55 Flange, ASTM A182 F55 bridas,super Duplex S32760 / 1.4501 Flange. Super Duplex S32760/ F55 , Super Duplex Alloy UNS S32760 (F55 / 1.4501) has excellent resistance Pitting and Crevice Corrosion in seawater at elevated temperatures, supplied with a PREN 40<( Pitting Resistance Eqv) . Excellent resistance to SCC ( Stress Corrosion Cracking) in Sour and Chloride

  • Technical Report Development for Material and Application

    ing of Super 13Cr steel (13CrS) in a Cl? environment. Regarding solid line pipes that need girth-welding process while being laid, it was reported that weldable super martensitic stainless steels were susceptible to stress corrosion cracking (SCC) at elevated tempera-tures. A new duplex stainless steel, which can be applicable even

  • Flexible Pipe for Sour Service — GATE Energy

    Super duplex stainless steel and other materials, including new elastomers, will have to be evaluated and qualified for use when required. GATE, LLC has been developing testing guidelines to validate flexible pipe materials for sour service use as flowlines and risers.

  • Diagnostic Study of 10-inch Duplex Stainless Steel

    This article discusses the failure investigation performed for a major operator in the Middle East on duplex stainless steel (DSS) flowline welds. The subject flowline was used intermittently since 1984 in an extreme sour service chloride-containing corrosive environment.


    The name itself implies that the steel is of two phase structure. The figure-1 shows the structure of Duplex steel. Commonly considered Duplex stainless steel is Austenite and Ferrite A.F region. The different forms of Duplex stainless steel available are shown in Fig. 2. In this article DSS 22Cr 5.5 Ni 3 Mo 0.18N is considered.

  • Duplex S32760 Stainless Steel Pipe | Stainless Steel Pipe

    duplex S32760 stainless steel pipe (F55,1.4501) is a high alloy super duplex stainless steel, mainly used in a variety of strong corrosive environment. duplex S32760 stainless steel pipe steel strength and corrosion resistance is strong, mainly for chemical processing, petrochemical and submarine equipment.

  • Sour Gas Corrosion | H2S Corrosion Resistance

    Materials for sour gas H2S Sour gas at high pressure, temperature and in mixtures of other acids like formic acids found typically indown hole oil well stimulation environments is extremely corrosive. In these environments few materials could survive. Tantalum surface alloys are immune to sour gas environments showing no measurable corrosion rate. . This far exceeds the performance of

  • Sour Service Carbon Steel Enhanced - Vallourec

    Sour Service Carbon Steel Enhanced Vallourec offers a large range of OCTG material suitable for Sour Service environment where H 2 S is present. It covers the requirements and parameters of such inhospitable conditions including high pressures, low temperatures, low pH.. .

  • Duplex Stainless Steel Usage in the Oil and Gas Industry

    Duplex Usage in the Oil and Gas Industry. Posted on August 20, 2012. Petroleum Development Oman implemented Duplex 2205 stainless steel pipes for a natural gas flow line at the Burhan West field in Oman in 2007. Duplex 2205 was selected due to its high strength and corrosion resistance properties. Super Duplex 2507 is a high alloy super



  • Orbital Welding of Super Duplex Header | Arc Machines, Inc.

    Orbital Welding of Super Duplex Header. that occurs in sour service environments (ref. 4). Texas, U.S.A. Personal communication on his experiences with orbital welding of super duplex stainless steel pipe for a critical petroleum piping system application. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Barbara K. Henon has a Ph.D. and works with Arc Machines, Inc

  • Super Duplex - Vallourec

    Ferritic-austenitic grades to be used in wells with CO 2, chlorides and/or some H 2 S up to 250°C.

  • neonickel

    published data on the performance of duplex stainless steels in sour process environments, and in particular there is little data comparing the commonly used grades of duplex and super duplex stainless alloys. To remedy this position, Weir Blaterials Limited co-ordinated a consortium of companies to fund a test programme to provide this data.

  • IPC Piping

    IPC PIPING is able to provide a wide variety of pipe and tubing products in all grades and classes of material typically used. Our products are in alignment with the standards generally used, but also with the specifications and specific requirements of our clients.

  • Zeron 100, Super Duplex Stainless Steel, UNS S32760 - MEGA MEX

    Forms of Zeron 100, super duplex stainless steel available at Mega Mex. Sheet; Plate; Bar; Pipe; Welding Products; Zeron 100 Overview. Zeron 100, super duplex stainless steel, is a highly alloyed stainless steel designed for use in aggressive environments.High strength, toughness, excellent corrosion resistance and its resistance to corrosion in a wide range of organic and inorganic acids are

  • Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal

    SM25CR is a Duplex Stainless Steel material, generically called Duplex due to its dual micro structure composed of approximately 50% Ferrite and 50% Austenite. SM25CR is used in corrosive well conditions in combined presence of CO 2, low H 2 S and Chlorides, where material strength is also required.

  • Duplex 2205/UNS S31803 Pipes | Duplex Steel S31803

    Leading Dealer of ASTM A 789 Duplex Steel 2205 Pipes, Duplex Steel UNS S31803 Pipes, Duplex Steel Werkstoff nr. 1.4462 Pipes, Duplex Steel 2205 / UNS S31803 Seamless Pipes, Duplex Steel UNS S31803 / 2205 Welded Pipes in India. Aspirinox Alloys Inc is renowned manufacturer and supplier of Duplex 2205 Pipe in India.

  • Super Duplex UNS S32760 A182 F55 Flange,Super Duplex

    Super Duplex A182 F55 Flange, ASTM A182 F55 Flange,super Duplex S32760 flange / 1.4501 Flange. Super Duplex S32760 Flange , Super Duplex Alloy UNS S32760 (F55 / 1.4501) has excellent resistance Pitting and Crevice Corrosion in seawater at elevated temperatures, supplied with a PREN 40<( Pitting Resistance Eqv) . Excellent resistance to SCC ( Stress Corrosion Cracking) in Sour and Chloride

  • 13% Chrome Stainless Steel

    Stainless steel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In metallurgy, stainless steel, also known as inox steel or inox from French inoxydable, is a is normally achieved with additions of a minimum of 13% (by weight) chromium, and up to 26% is used for harsh environments.

  • Duplex Pipe Suppliers and Seamless Duplex Pipe

    Duplex Pipe Price, A790 Duplex Pipe, Duplex Pipe Schedule Chart, Duplex Pipe Material Grade 2205 ASTM / ASME SA 790 / Uns S31803 Duplex Stainless Steel Instrument Tubing, Seamless Welded Pipe Tube, Duplex 1.4462 Tube & UNS S31803 Tube Heat Exchanger Agent, Dealer, Distributor, Stockist, Stockholder and Supplier in India Citizen Metals is India's one of the largest supplier, Exporter

  • TIG Welding Duplex Steel - Weld Reality

    For welding storage tanks, recovery boiler pipes, oxygen reactors, etc. in duplex stainless steel 2304 (EN 1.4362, Outokumpu 2304). Avesta Welding is the first supplier in the world able to offer a complete range of matching filler metals for this duplex grade.

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